Freer Logic: Leveraging Neurotechnology To Improve Human Performance

apac businessAs the list of technologies grows every day, the world is transforming existing businesses and personal lives. These technologies have the potential to ease people’s lives and improve their personal and business dealings. Companies and individuals who do not follow some of the big tech trends run the risk of being left behind. Understanding current trends will allow individuals and businesses to plan and seize opportunity. One such extraordinary leader who is looking ahead and identifying the most important trends is Peter Freer, the Founder, and CEO of Freer Logic. He strongly advocates that the seemingly impossible can be achieved with the right passion and dedication. Through Freer Logic, he is implementing ideas that once seemed...

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Thought Control

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It's no Jedi mind trick. A former schoolteacher has developed a device that allows you to operate a screen just by concentrating.

Not long ago, a manager at the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) nuclear plant outside Toronto was completing a routine drill. The manager had to demonstrate that he could accurately instruct a computer to open and close a series of simulated valves--valves crucial to controlling the water and pressure that keep radioactive material contained. But...

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50 Best Companies to Watch 2019

2019 10 29 085015“Freer Logic is a leader in the field of neuro sensing. Its innovations that permit sensing the human brain’s activity without touching it or from the wrist have never been accomplished before.”

There are still major gaps in our understanding of how the brain functions in health and wellness. Significant advances in neuroscience, technology, and fundamental tools are needed to address problems such as cognitive decline due to aging, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and to address the growing global...

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