Freer Logic Wants Your Car to Read Your Brain (Insider Car News)

2019-04-30_151042 Buzz - Freer Logic - Thought technology to improve life™What if your car could read your brain activity? It’s a fascinating concept that sounds like something out of a blockbuster movie, but Freer Logic is working to make it a reality.

Through the Neurobiomonitor headrest, a car could detect if a driver is drowsy, distracted, stressed out or cognitively overloaded, among other things. With that information, your car would be able to take various actions like suggesting pulling over and taking a rest, playing calming music, etc.

The sensors embedded in this headrest passively read heads when they’re 6 to 10 inches away, which should be all the time if you’re driving. That means no sensor waves emitting from the seat.

Even cooler, this tech means as a driver you can accept or reject an...

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Freer Logic in Motor Trend Magazine: FOUR TECH FINDS FROM THE 2018 LOS ANGELES AUTO SHOW

A flying car, photographic radar, a mind-reader, and car-gaming.

Waymo is about to begin "commercial" automated ride-hailing service in the Phoenix area, which may tempt you to think the era of widespread autonomy is upon us. It's not, but the engineers that will make it happen are feverishly concocting enabling innovations. This year's annual AutoMobility LA pre-show techstravaganza once again featured a competition for startups, several of which got me scribbling in my reporter's notebook...

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Freer Logic, Inc. named one of the Top Ten Automotive Startups by AutoMobility LA™

automotiveLOS ANGELES, CA (Nov. 15, 2018) – Organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show (LA Auto Show®) and AutoMobility LA™ today announced the finalists for its fifth annual Top Ten Automotive Startups Competition™ (Top Ten). Presented by Plug and Play and Sirius XM Connected Vehicles, this year’s Top Ten finalists were selected from a pool of innovative startups from around the world that presented forward-thinking ideas designed to accelerate groundbreaking solutions within the converging transportation...

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