Mind Reader Technology

mindreadderWith our advent of non-contact EEG, we have established that brain data can be monitored from a distance. So, what would it be like to read the mind of your first date from eHarmony or Is this person interested? Paying attention? Anxious? Happy? The answers can be reported to you discreetly on your smart phone or tablet. Our next patent pending technology allows this. From a wristband. The wristband can even give you haptic notifications about the other person's brain state. Can security find out if someone at the airport is aggressive? Yes.

Next post: Thought Reader Technology. Yes. You read that correctly.

TU-Automotive Awards Finalist!

awardsFreer Logic is a finalist at the 15th Annual TU-Automotive Awards 2016 as Newcomer of the Year.

The award will be given on June 7 at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan.

The evening gathers over 250 of the most influential executives in the connected car industry all under one roof to celebrate the year's greatest achievements.

Frost & Sullivan's New Product Innovation Award

Freer Logic has been awarded Frost & Sullivan's New Product Innovation Award for Cognitive Biosensors in ADAS for Automotive Industry.

This award was presented to Freer Logic for it's brain sensing/monitoring sensors placed in the steering wheel of a car and it's upcoming wrist worn brain monitor. This patented technology obviates the need to wear a headset to monitor driver attention, cognitive load, and drowsiness. Headsets have proven to be a barrier to consumer use. Freer Logic's...

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