Outside the Head Thinking: A Novel Approach for Detecting Human Brain Cognition

samsungResearcher:  Samsung Research America, Richardson, TX, USA
We are proud to reveal that Freer Logic has been secretly working with the Korean electronics giant, Samsung.  Samsung Research America performed validation studies on BodyWave pitted against a clinical 8 channel EEG device. The tests examined the correlation between attention and relaxation between both instruments. The 8 channel EEG device correlated with a score of 91% using all eight channels. The BodyWave device scored 84% using a single channel on the low forearm away from the brain! Even more significantly, when the 8 channel device was examined channel by channel, it ranged from 84% to 89%; exactly what BodyWave technology scored far away from the brain! The researchers state that, “…our results illustrate the considerable potential of this technology.”

Read the whitepaper here.