Freer Logic is working with Jaguar to develop their MindSense technology.


The latest brainwave from Jaguar - a car with a 'sixth sense' that reads your mind!

The brainwave research project called ‘MindSense’ is to see if a car could effectively read the brainwaves that indicate a driver is beginning to daydream, or feeling sleepy, whilst driving.
Currently, the most common method for monitoring brainwaves is close to the source using sensors attached to a headband.
But this would be impractical in a vehicle. So Jaguar Land Rover is investigating a method already used by NASA to develop a pilot’s concentration skills and also by the US bobsleigh team to enhance concentration and focus. -Ray Massey at


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Freer Logic & Panasonic Automotive

Freer Logic, in conjunction with Panasonic’s Automotive R & D division will present technology that will allow you to turn a car radio on or off by mind alone. Additionally, you can try out technology that detects driver distraction by monitoring brain activity through the car’s steering wheel. Visit Panasonic’s booth at the Detroit Auto Show on January 13, 14, 15, and 16.

Peter Freer Is The Consumer Electronics Asscociation's Innovator of the Week

cta ces logoFreer Logic is involved in thought technology. Thought technology allows us to harness the brain’s power to change itself. This means we can improve human performance, decrease error, learn to pay better attention, or monitor any brain state that a human produces. I hold a Master’s in education. I was teaching students with severe attention problems. I discovered that NASA was using brain based feedback termed ‘neurofeedback’ to train astronauts to pay better attention. I naively thought that I...

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