Space4U Podcast: Peter Freer & Rita McKinnish – Play Attention

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In this episode:

We meet Peter Freer and Rita McKinnish.

Peter Freer is the founder and CEO of Unique Logic + Technology and Freer Logic, LLC. He holds a master’s degree in Education from Western Carolina University, specializing in Educational Technology, and is a veteran educator of 15 years. After experiencing the poor classroom performance of his students with attention difficulties, and the lack of educational tools to help them learn, Freer adapted a feedback-based NASA technology to develop Play Attention, an interactive learning system. It is currently used in over 600 school districts in the U.S.

Rita McKinnish is an accomplished educator who holds a Bachelor...

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Freer Logic Among 10 Most Advanced Automotive Tech Companies of 2020

Freer Logic

The Automotive landscape is labile in the midst of the current pandemic. However, one factor is constant, technological advancement. With the introduction of electric cars and self-driven cars, the automotive industry constantly seeks to improve driver and passenger safety. Development in creating a safe environment for all occupants will always be a priority. In the transition from manual driving to autonomous driving, only a handful of companies can provide transitional, viable technology...

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Freer Logic Featured in Top 20 Automotive Technology Solution Providers 2020

peterFreer Logic's story starts in the mid 1980s when its founder, Peter Freer, set on a mission to find a solution to his students’ problems. These students, suffering from attention defcit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), got easily distracted and were finding it difficult to concentrate.

Peter developed a technology that combined neuroscience with computer programming. It was designed to understand brain activity and help users improve their behavior by eliminating distracted habits and improving...

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