Freer Logic produces B2B applications for many industries. The following apps are used in consumer and automotive industries.

Mindful Waves

Mindful Waves is a spa application used at many luxury resorts worldwide. Two apps are in the Mindful Waves program, Lotus and Performance monitor.

Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor helps you achieve a peak performance state before that important meeting or round of golf.


Lotus is an app that allows you to achieve a meditative state to relax and be mindful. Your avatar sits in a Zen room poised and overlooking a closed lotus flower. You can open the lotus petal by petal by achieving a meditative state. Losing that state causes the lotus to close so you get real-time feedback to consistently stay in your meditative, mindful state.

Sleepy Series

The Sleepy Series includes Sleepy Beach, Sleepy City, and Sleepy Country. You can put your mind at ease and let it drift away from the stress of the day to attain a pre-sleep, drowsy state. The interactive scenes on your cell phone or tablet allow you to make the sun set and raise the moon by your mind alone when you are wearing the BodyWave® armband or using the NBM.


Beditation is a brain enabled app created for Android. A calm voice guides you through a series of mindfulness exercises while you wear the BodyWave® armband which will activate and deactivate the exercises based on your relaxed state of mind.  You’ll place your phone or tablet next to the bed and be able to drift off to sleep by relaxing your mind and body.

Neurobiomonitor (NBM) software


Plotter provides a montage viewer of 1 Hz to 30 Hz and permits the user to log data on a PC.


Simulator is an app designed for a PC. You can use the NBM to start and stop a car as it drives up a mountain road. Based on an attention algorithm, you can adjust thresholds to make it as difficult or as easy as you desire.