Neurobiomonitor headrest

Freer Logic’s award winning Neurobiomonitor headrest provides real-time brain data without contacting the vehicle’s driver. Current range is from 6 to 10 inches from the head. It is in development via automotive OME and Tier 1 suppliers to determine fatigue, drowsiness, cognitive load, distraction, emotion, stress, and relaxation.

Other use cases include embedding the NBM it in office chairs and casino chairs to determine the interest and attention of an audience. Bedding and luxury recliner OEM have placed it in their furniture or mattresses to monitor sleep or to relax the user to put them to sleep.


The BodyWave® armband is used in the Play Attention system ( Play Attention is the world #1 neurocognitive system for ADHD. The armband measures a neuro signal used to monitor and train.

BodyWave® is used in apps for Olympic athletes, nuclear power operators, law enforcement officers, da Vinci Robotic Surgeons, NASA pilots, NASCAR pit crews, and many others.